TAA compliant

Trade Agreements Act (TAA) Executive Summary
In United States, if you supply products for GSA Schedules and other government contracts, those products must comply with the federal Trade Agreements Act (TAA).
TAA requires that products originate from the United States or another approved country. Failure to comply with TAA can lead to bid award cancellation, multimillion-dollar fines and exclusion from federal contracting.

In this ever-changing world, TAA compliance has become a key factor for GSA (General Services Administration) Schedule/Contract holders. Resellers and distributors, who are bound by GSA requirements, can now offer ALFA Network products as a cost effective alternative than other more expensive solutions.  Being aware of this fact, ALFA Network will remain committed to extending its product line to meet this demand. When it comes down to it, ALFA Network proudly stands as the vendor offering TAA compliant solutions with the quality, reliability, and cost for the projects with Government and Educational Institutions expect.

ALFA Network Inc., a global leader in WiFi technology and networking innovation, has now made it easy for its partners and resellers to do business with governmental agencies, and educational institutions. With the traditions of Made-in-Taiwan (MIT) product design, premium quality, and stability, ALFA Network has once again established itself at the forefront of industry trends and customer demand. Designed for use in a wide range of government, education, and even corporate applications, WiFi communication peripherals from ALFA Network are TAA compliant meeting the need for secure, dependable, products for use anywhere from the classroom to the boardroom. All TAA compliant ALFA Network products are in full observance of all government requirements set forth by the Federal Trade Agreements Act.

If you represent a government agency to purchase Wi-Fi or networking equipment or attending a bid, please contact our sales specialists, distributor or VAR for more information about product TAA compliance.