Professional 0-6GHz RF Coaxial Lightning/Surge Protector

ALFA ALR series are professional 0-6GHz Lightning/Surge Protector with high quality nickel plated brass body and it normal protects ships with 90VDC breakdown voltage.

Installation Diagram



Frequency Range 0~6 GHz
VSWR <1.5
Insertion Loss 0.2 dB
Impedance 50 Ω
Insulation 10,000M Ω
Max With Standing Current@8/20uS 10 KA
DC Breakdown Voltage@100V/S 90V DC
Power 50 W
Electrode Capacitance ≦1.5 pF
Weight 130 g
Dimension 67x32x20 mm
Connector N male to N female
Ground wire

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