WiFi CampPro

WiFi CampPro 2 Mini



The choice of travelers everywhere
The Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 Mini is low profile indoor version of our popular Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 outdoor kit. It 
is designed to be used indoors in places where setting up an outdoor system isn't ideal or possible. Perfect for
home/resort use, hotels, or smaller recreational vehicles, it can be packed easily into a laptop bag or suitcase. 
If you need to boost Wi-Fi signal to multiple devices at once but want to keep everything inside, the Alfa WiFi 
Camp Pro 2 Mini is the perfect choice. 

Simple & Comprehensive Setup 
QR-Setup via smartphone or seup wizard via web configurator demands no expertise during setting up

Extends WiFi hotspot Internet access from far away, and enhance the WiFi coverage inside your yacht or RV .
Easily make WiFi or VoIP calls when cellular signal is weak.

Scans and connects to WiFi hotspot station and rebroadcasts around your living space, yacht or RV
Instantly share remote hotspot Internet access to your mobile devices, smart TVs, and gaming consoles