Single antenna magnetic base stand with 1-meter cable and RP-SMA connectors

  1. (1) Base with magnet
  2. (2) RP-SMA (female) antenna connector
  3. (3) RP-SMA (male) antenna connector
  4. (4) High-quality RG-174 RF cable (1 m length)

ARS-AS01 is a single RP-SMA antenna stand with magnetic base

Equipped with a magnet to ensure positive mounting, the ARS-AS01 mount is ideal for indoor applications where antenna positioning at a distance is required.

This mount includes a 1-meter, high-quality and low-loss RG-174 RF cable with RP-SMA (male) connectors at the end, suitable for any WiFi equipment with single antenna.

Antenna connector 1× RP-SMA female (magnetic base)
1× RP-SMA male (RF cable end)
Frequency range 1 ~ 6 GHz
Impedance 50 Ω
RF cable type RG-174
RF cable length 1 m
Operating temperature -40 ° ~ 80 ° C
Dimensions ∅ 60 mm

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