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Introducing XS5G03-US, the cuttingedge 5G Data Card meticulously crafted for the USA market.Engineered with an industrial-grade M.2 form factor, it perfectly complements high-performance, bandwidth-intensive enterprise and industrial applications.XS5G03-US is designed...



The AUCM5G-T700S is a USB modem that is designed for 5G band n48/n77/n78/b48 networks and is suitable for travel purposes. It is an excellent choice for users who need to...



AX5GRM is a Global band 5GNR Wi-Fi 6 router. It supports the fastest internet speeds and unmatched efficiency. AX5GRM built-in Nano SIM slot and detachable antennas ensure flexible and customized...



Matrix-5GAX sets a new standard for outdoor connectivity, integrating a global band 5G NR CPE with a powerful Wi-Fi 6. It goes beyond the other 5G CPE only 5G-to-LAN offerings,...