LoRa Outdoor Gateway

Suggested Antennas

Model AOA-868-5ACM AOA-915-5ACM AOA-868-2ACM AOA-915-2ACM
Frequency 863-870 MHz 902-928 MHz 863-870 MHz 902-928 MHz
Gain 5 dBi 5 dBi 2 dBi 2 dBi
Connector N male N male N male N male
Dimension ⌀22 x 180 mm ⌀22 x 180 mm ⌀22 x 64 mm ⌀22 x 64 mm

Order Model List

Model Tube-ELoRaGW8 Tube-ELoRaGW9
Frequency 868 MHz 915 MHz

Learn How To Use

Check below link to learn how to use Tube-ELoRaGW


Parameter Value
Platform MediaTek MT7620A
LoRa Chipset Semtech SX1308
Frequency Tube-ELoRaGW8: 868 MHz
Tube-ELoRaGW9: 915 MHz
Ethernet Speed 10/100 Mbps
Flash 16 MB SPI NOR
Antenna Connector N female
LED Power, Activity
Power Requirement Passive PoE 12-24 VDC

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