Long range WiFi 5 USB CPE with built-in antenna in water and dust resistant outdoor enclosure

  1. (1) Embedded 802.11ac dual-band USB module (Realtek™ RTL8811AU chipset)
  2. (2) Built-in, high-gain (8 dBi) directional 2 panel antenna
  3. (3) Detachable cable with mini USB connector (5-meters shielded USB cable is included in bundle)
  4. (4) Universal pole mounting kit included in bundle (optional suction cup mount available)

AC600U is a dual-band, long range outdoor CPE with USB interface

AC600U supports WiFi 5 (IEEE 802.11ac) standard in a single antenna configuration (1T1R) and includes built-in high-gain (8 dBi) directional antenna.

The embedded module is based on Realtek™ RTL8811AU chipset, backward compatible with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac and support for 2.4 or 5 GHz band.


General specifications

Parameter Value
Chipset Realtek™ RTL8811AU
IEEE 802.11 standards a/b/g/n/ac
Frequency 2.4 GHz
5 GHz
Data rate 802.11n: 150 Mbps
802.11ac: 433 Mbps
Antenna Directional panel antenna with 8 dBi gain
Interface USB 2.0 (mini USB)
Operating systems Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
Mac OS 10.5 or later
Dimensions 95 × 117 × 31 mm

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