IEEE 802.11ah sub 1 GHz standalone M.2/NGFF B-key 3042 type Linux module

  1. (1) NXP™ i.MX 6ULL SOC (ARM™ Cortex-A7, 528 MHz) equipped with 256 MB of DDR3L RAM
  2. (2) Newracom™ NRC7292 WiFi HaLow™ SOC (IEEE 802.11ah draft 8.0 compliant)
  3. (3) Qorvo™ RFFM6901 front-end
  4. (4) IPEX4 (MHF4) antenna connector
  5. (5) 4× LED
  6. (6) 32 MB of SPI NOR flash (optional 2/4/8 GB eMMC) 6
  7. (7) 5-pin serial console (2.00 mm pitch)
  8. (8) M.2/NGFF B-key 3042 with USB 2.0 bus support

AHM27292U is the world's first WiFi HaLow™ industrial M.2/NGFF module

The AHM27292U module series allows building long range, ultra-low power WiFi networks in sub 1 GHz license-exempt bands, utilizing compact M.2/NGFF 3042 form factor. WiFi HaLow™ enables connectivity for many applications, including sensors and wearables.

With powerful ARM™ Cortex-A7 based SOC clocked at 528 MHz, official OpenWrt and U‑Boot support, up to 15 Mbps data throughput and complete SDK for the HaLow™ radio SOC, getting started with this new WiFi standard is straightforward.


Parameter Value
Newracom™ NRC7292
RAM 256 MB of DDR3L
Flash/stroage 32 MB of QSPI NOR flash
Optional 2/4/8 GB eMMC
Frequency 847 MHz (TW)
866 MHz (EU)
915 MHz (US)
922 MHz (KR)
924 MHz (JP)
Modulation OFDM with BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM
Data rate 150 Kbps ~ 15 Mbps
Channel bandwidth 1/2/4 MHz
Antenna connector 1× IPEX4/MHF4
Interfaces USB2.0
1× RX
1× status
Form factor M.2/NGFF B-key 3042
Dimensions 30 × 42 × 4 mm
Software Officially supported in OpenWrt (Linux Kernel 5.10+) and U-Boot 2021.x
Newracom™ SDK available at https://github.com/newracom/
Operating humidity TBA
Operating temperature TBA

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