Advanced home gateway, with 5G modem, WiFi 6, 2.5 Gbps Ethernet and phone support

  1. (1) Qualcomm™ IPQ8072A with 1 GB of DDR3L RAM (2.2 GHz quad-core ARM™ Cortex-A53)
  2. (2) Qualcomm™ Snapdragon™ X55 (SDX55) modem (multi-band 5G NR/LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD/HSPA+)
  3. (3) WiFi/WPS button
  4. (4) Reset button, TS9 connectors (under cover)
  5. (5) Nano SIM slot (push-push, under cover)
  6. (6) 2.5 Gbps and 1 Gbps Ethernet
  7. (7) Optional RJ11 (phone) and DC jack
  8. (8) 4x LED

AX36RQ-X55 is the most advanced home gateway, with 5G Sub-6G modem and 802.11ax WiFi built-in

With drastically increased speed, thanks to 5G Next Radio and 2.5 Gbps Ethernet features, compact size and fast ARM based platform, this gateway is a perfect choice for home users looking for fastest mobile or stationary data communication.

WiFi 6 with up to 3.6 Gbps throughput, dual Ethernet (2.5 and 1 Gbps), 4×4 MIMO antenna configurations (modem and WiFi), optional phone support and TS9 antenna connectors for modem, allow to use this product in various of applications.

General specifications

Parameter Value
Main SOC Qualcomm™ IPQ8072A (2.2 GHz quad-core ARM™ Cortex-A53)
5G modem Qualcomm™ Snapdragon™ X55 (SDX55)
Flash 256 MB of NAND flash
WiFi 802.11b/g/n/ax 4T4R 2.4 GHz (up to 1200 Mbps)
802.11a/n/ac/ax 4T4R 5 GHz (up to 2400 Mbps)
Ethernet 1x 2.5 Gbps Ethernet (Qualcomm™ QCA8081)
1x 1 Gbps Ethernet (Qualcomm™ QCA8072)
Antenna 8x internal (4 for modem, 4 for WiFi)
2x external (for modem, TS9 connectors, under cover)
Phone 1x RJ11 (optional)
SIM 1x nano SIM (under cover)
Button 1x push-button (WiFi/WPS)1
1x push-button (reset, under cover)1
LED 1x 5G
1x 4G
1x WiFi
1x power
Power supply DC jack (5.5/2.1 mm) for 12 V DC input
Operating humidity TBA
Operating temperature TBA
Dimensions 116 x 204 mm

Modem specifications

Parameter Value
Chipset Qualcomm™ Snapdragon™ X55 (SDX55)
Data rate (download) Sub-6G: 2.1 Gbps
4G/LTE: 2 Gbps (Cat 20)
Data rate (upload) Sub-6G: 500 Mbps
4G/LTE: 150 Mbps (cat 13)
Carrier aggregation (CA) DL: up to 5
UL: up to 2
5G Sub-6G bands n1 (FDD, 2100 MHz
n3 (FDD, 1800 MHz)
n5 (FDD, 850 MHz)
n7 (FDD, 2600 MHz)
n8 (FDD, 900 MHz)
n20 (FDD, 800 MHz)
n28 (FDD, 700 MHz)
n41 (TDD, 2500 MHz)
n77 (TDD, 3700 MHz)
n78 (TDD, 3500 MHz)
n79 (TDD, 4700 MHz)
4G/LTE bands B1 (FDD, 2100 MHz)
B3 (FDD, 1800 MHz)
B5 (FDD, 850 MHz)
B7 (FDD, 2600 MHz)
B8 (FDD, 900 MHz)
B20 (FDD, 800 MHz)
B28 (FDD, 700 MHz)
B32 (SDL, 1500 MHz)
B34 (TDD, 2000 MHz)
B38 (TDD, 2600 MHz)
B39 (TDD, 1900 MHz)
B40 (TDD, 2300 MHz)
B41 (TDD, 2500 MHz)
B42 (TDD, 3500 MHz)
B43 (TDD, 3700 MHz)
B46 (TDD, 5200 MHz)
3G/UMTS bands TBA
Certification TBA

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