Waterproof MiniMicro SIM extension cable kit with IP66 rating, for outdoor applications

  1. Push-push Micro SIM slot
  2. Mini SIM adapter
  3. 230 mm length extension cable

WPK-MiniMicroSIM is a waterproof Micro SIM to Mini SIM extension cable kit for outdoor applications

Thanks to high IP66 rating, the WPK-MiniMicroSIM is perfect for outdoor and indoor NB-IoT, 4G/LTE or 5G applications. The push-push type of Micro SIM slot makes it easy to install and remove the SIM card.



SIM Install Guide


Parameter Value
IP rating IP66 (dust-tight and effective against powerful water jets)
SIM card slot Micro SIM (push-push type)
SIM card adapter Mini SIM
Extension cable length 230 mm

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